Imergy Power Systems: The Future of Energy Storage

March 24, 2014 | Robert Scoble

How can a battery last forever? As the leading innovator in cost-effective energy storage products, Imergy is stepping in the right direction to make the everlasting battery possible.

Imergy utilizes a Vanadium flow battery design, originally thought up at NASA. The popular rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, used today in most devices, consume its components in a very short time, preventing long term storage, in favor of its small footprint.

The Imergy units are typically the size of a refrigerator. Vanadium flow chemistry process allows energy storage and retrieval to be 75% efficient, completely recyclable and safely used over and over and over again. Other companies have explored flow batteries. Imergy Power Systems separates themselves by engineering the right chemistry to ensure their batteries are the most efficient.

Bill Watkins, Chief Executive Officer of Imergy Power Systems, also explains his method of problem solving and gives valuable advice to those up-and-coming leaders of the future.

Imergy Power Systems’s management team is comprised of veterans from energy storage, telecommunications, semiconductor, clean-tech and chemical industries with backing from venture firms Technology Partners, NEA, BlueRun, DFJ and Element Partners.

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