VCider: Build Your Own Virtual Datacenter

April 19, 2012 | Robert Scoble

Virtual Private Clouds (VPC’s) let users carve out sections of an IaaS provider’s public cloud infrastructure and manage it as though it were their own private cloud. Although VPC’s can secure public facing web apps, the primary use case for them is to securely extend a corporate datacenter into the cloud.

With VCider, you can build and secure your own virtual datacenter across the cloud. VCider’s on-demand secure cloud networking solution lets you connect all your systems, wherever they are in your own secure Virtual Private Cloud.

“VCider is a solution that lets you connect the network and secure all of your cloud resources as though they were inside your enterprise datacenter. It does that by extending the security perimeter from your enterprise datacenter out into the public cloud, by carving out a Virtual Private Cloud,” explains Chris Marino, CEO & co-found of VCider.

VCider lets you connect all your systems—across regions and providers—with a distributed virtual switch. Then you can extend your enterprise LAN securely into the cloud with a virtual network gateway. Finally, secure all your resources by ‘cloaking’ your cloud network, rendering it invisible to all malicious traffic.

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