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October 11, 2011 | Robert Scoble

Originally published February 5, 2010

The ultimate personal assistant allows you to find task-oriented information on the go, by connecting to the best services around the Internet, Siri is not a search engine; it is a do-engine.
The app works by pairing your spoken request with the best services available by connecting you to these services to fulfill any request.

The application takes a request, and breaks it down into parts. The user can tell Siri they want to go on a date consisting of an Italian dinner for two and a movie, a comedy. The application will then return movie times for comedy selections; Italian restaurants near the theater and give the user the ability to buy tickets and make reservations.

The app runs on a collection API’s, which are a method that allows an application to communicate with other applications. An example of this would be TweetDeck, and its ability to communicate with Twitter. In addition to API’s, one of the main technologies behind Siri is the ability to understand context, according to Adam Cheyer, VP of engineering.

Siri’s goal is to provide a service that Google currently doesn’t. “Google is good at starting to help you take some of the first steps towards finding information and leading you to services that help you do things,” said Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Siri.

According to Kittlaus, the key concept behind the application is getting things done, in a task-oriented fashion.

“’Who is playing at Yoshi’s on Saturday night?’ And just get the answer in one click; to getting tickets to [the show],” said Kittlaus.

Siri will launch on the iPhone 3GS before moving to other platforms. Not all services will be available on the initial launch since the application will still be in early beta release. The company will be constantly evolving the service and desire user feedback to enhance the app.

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