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August 3, 2011 | Courtney Turner

Guest post by Courtney Turner, Social Media and Community Manager at Aquasana

At Aquasana, we make a full line of award-winning water filtration solutions, including drinking water products, shower products and whole house products. People really love our refillable glass bottles. Like any business, we are consistently trying to gather information about our customers’ concerns and preferences so that we can tailor our products and messaging accordingly. Recently, we began using a software application called Insight Workbench, from a company called NetBase, to learn more about what our customers are saying about us as well as our competitors on the Internet, and some of the things we’ve learned have surprised us.

As our primary vehicle for sales, the Internet has long played a vital role in our business. It not only provides an extremely efficient sales channel, it also allows us to create customized water filtration solutions designed to address the specific needs of each individual customer, and that is a big advantage for us.

In addition to our online sales efforts, we maintain an active social media and community presence. Having this direct relationship with our customers gives us great insight, but we wanted to learn more. That’s where NetBase comes in.

I learned about NetBase through a social media webinar hosted by Jason Falls that NetBase sponsored. A rep from NetBase contacted me after the webinar and provided me with a demonstration of their product. I was immediately struck by how powerful it is.

The software combs the Internet and picks up any mention of Aquasana—whether it’s in a news story, a blog, or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook—and it tells us where these conversations are taking place so we can go to the actual conversation and get the full context of the discussion. We can also participate in these conversations as they’re happening by answering questions or correcting misconceptions.

One of the first things I learned when I started using NetBase is how knowledgeable our customer base is. Our products remove a very long list of contaminants identified by very technical terms. Consumers not only know these terms and what they mean, they actively seek filtration solutions that remove specific contaminants.

NetBase uses a natural language algorithm to determine whether each mention of our brand is positive or negative, and it’s remarkably accurate. We’re able to search not only for conversations about our brand but also our competitors, which enables us to learn what consumers like and dislike about each of us. We can create positive and negative Netnographies—analyses that tell us where we stand in the competitive landscape and help us compare who we think we are as a brand against the market’s actual perception.

Based on this consumer insight as well as the value we know we can provide relative to the competition, we’ve made significant tweaks to our positioning and branding. For example, the most common type of filtration on the market now is the pitcher filter. We know that our tap filters take out more of the bad stuff and leave in more of the good, healthy stuff, so we pushed that in our messaging. We learned from our work with NetBase, however, that consumers are often abandoning pitchers based more on how inconvenient they are to use. Consequently, we are shifting our messaging to point out that our product is always available from your tap, it’s always on and our filters last approximately 12 times longer than the average pitcher filter, and we believe those advantages are resonating in the market.

We learn more about our customers every day, and we put that to use in product design and product promotion.  NetBase plays a critical role in the gathering of that knowledge, and we’re excited to see what we learn next.

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