Aweditorium: the iPad’s killer app for music?

November 9, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Above is the TWO minute highlight version of the Aweditorium interview. If you like this, and we think you will, you’ll want to watch the full-length version posted just below.

There are a number of ways to listen to music on the iPad, but I’ve been waiting for the killer app. Aweditorium just might be it.

“What is the modern digital music experience like? It feels like a spreadsheet,” says James Miao, co-founder of and Aweditorium. He argues that all of the extra stuff that used to come with record albums has been lost with the digitization of music—and that it’s time to bring back those trappings. “We think of Aweditorium as reimagining the feel of experiencing music on the iPad.”

Thesixtyone is an indie music community that encourages people to explore new music, and it was built as a web app, because as Miao explains, “that was the platform of choice for a small startup.” But times have changed, and Miao’s new venture, Aweditorium, uses the iPad as an amazing canvas to discover and enjoy music.

“We think of Aweditorium as taking all of the disparate content surrounding an artist—hi-res photography, artwork, lyrics, hi-def video, interviews—and tying that all together into a single, intimate experience on a multi-touch display,” says Miao.

Aweditorium hasn’t launched publicly yet, but it will be a free app available through the iTunes store. At least at the beginning, the only monetization will be through sales of songs through iTunes.

Miao says he was feeling frustrated, designing interfaces for web browsers. “As my designs evolved and matured, I realized that I was actually no longer designing for web browsers,” he says. “I was designing for something entirely different. So it was very fortuitous for the iPad to come along. For me, it was that a-ha moment: this is the device that I was born to create experiences for.”

More info:
Aweditorium web site:
Aweditorium on Twitter:
Thesixtyone web site:

Watch the full interview with James Miao here:

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Ronen Mendezitsky November 10, 2010 at 6:10 am

For those of you who say that 20 minutes is too long for watching an interview about an iPad app, I recommend making the effort. I watched it last night and I really must say it made me forget about my high fever for awhile there.

The creator of Aweditorium (and really shows passion about delivering a great experience when it comes to music and shares why he doesn’t think that “the digitalization of music will kill the experience of music” (Quoting my brother here, who I slowly am convincing that technology progress isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Even though I don’t own an iPad, I’m happy to see that the music industry gets adaptations into the modern age. hope is not gone.

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