ZURB designs for better interactions—and more conversions

November 2, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Above is the TWO minute highlight version of the ZURB interview. If you like this, and we think you will, you’ll want to watch the full-length version posted just below.

How do you build a website with better engagement, better interaction, and better buyers? Since 1998, companies from Facebook to Reuters have called on ZURB to design better interactions.

That means that they’re well-positioned to monitor the trends in the digital landscape, and to be part of creating the next wave in interaction design. So what have they noticed?

“What we’ve seen recently is that people now have lots of followers…they have lots of people that are potentially interested in their services. But they haven’t been able to capitalize on it,” says Bryan Zmijewski, founder and Chief Instigator of ZURB. “They don’t know what to do with those customers. So they’re having to rethink their products and websites to gear the services they offer around their customers, to engage them, to pull them into their services. It’s been a good phase of growth, because there’s people coming online that want to try things. Now it’s about engaging and continuing those relationships, and that’s a lot harder to do. So their approach to products and websites has to be drastically different than what it’s been in the previous ten years.”

ZURB helps their clients streamline the tricky interactions of the web, both before and after launch. One of the tools they’ve created is a new application called Verify, a screen-testing tool. “It helps you get really specific, directed feedback around particular types of tests,” explains Jonathan Smiley, a designer at ZURB. “So that you have some information to work with while you’re still making decisions. In less than three minutes, you can set up one of these screen tests, through Facebook or the viral audience that the tool creates.”

“When we think about brand marketers talking about story, online it doesn’t really have to be complicated,” says Zmijewski. “It doesn’t even have to be pretty. It has to solve unique problems that no one else does online, and do it really well. And that’s where you start getting that viral growth.”

More info:
ZURB web site: http://www.zurb.com/
Verify: http://verifyapp.com/
ZURB blog: http://www.zurb.com/blog
ZURB on Twitter: http://twitter.com/zurb
ZURB profile on CrunchBase: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/zurb

Watch the full interview with Bryan Zmijewski and Jonathan Smiley here:

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