Market7: Bridging the video gap between creative and corporate

October 28, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Above is the TWO minute highlight version of the Market7 interview. If you like this, and we think you will, you’ll want to watch the full-length version posted just below.

Video is increasingly a part of companies’ approach to their public image. But video production companies often find that their corporate clients underestimate how many moving parts are involved on a shoot, and how difficult it is to make changes at the last minute. Market7’s software-as-a-service offering aims to smooth communication between producers and their clients.

Market7 helps producers and their clients collaborate on every step of production, from storyboarding to editing to budgeting. “Sometimes I say that video producers are from Venus and their clients are from Mars,” says Seth Kenvin, CEO of Market7. “It’s been the case that clients don’t understand the importance of seeing the content visually beforehand. They don’t understand how complicated and expensive the shoot is. Also, the clients might be used to documents or presentations. When they see the video, they think, ‘Oh, that’s not what I was thinking.’ It’s not like you can just rewrite a sentence, if you didn’t shoot a product in the right light. You have to go shoot another day.”

The budgeting tools help producers prepare to either absorb the cost of an extended shoot, or plan on giving a sober update to their client. “Sometimes during the project, the scope will change—instead of two days, can we do three days?” says Shannon Newton, director of creative development. “So to be able to go into the resource tool and add a third day, I see the cascade effect, and I see the bottom-line impact. I’ll know immediately what’s going to be the impact of a scope change.”

“We have to be really excellent at understanding these different user types,” says Kenvin, noting that some creative folks are working in Adobe Creative Suite all day, while their clients are accustomed to Microsoft Office.

“Video today is something that any entity has to think of how they present themselves with it, and more people are empowered to do stuff with it,” says Kenvin. “Anything that you thought of on the web five years ago, you now have to think of what the video implementation of it is.”

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