Veeple pulls viewers deeper through interactive video

September 7, 2010 | Robert Scoble

In the crowded field of online video, very few platforms can offer true interactivity. One that can is Veeple, a three-year-old company that makes watching videos on the internet less like watching TV, and more like the engagement that abounds on the rest of the web.

You can see a demonstration of an interactive version of a video here.

“If you have ever put an image, or an icon, into a PowerPoint presentation or into a Word doc, you know how to make your videos interactive,” explains Veeple founder and CEO Scott Broomfield. Content creators can link almost anything—a link to an outside web page, a pdf, a panel that pops up with contact info or a Twitter feed—to what’s going on, on-screen.

Another opportunity Veeple creates is the ability to keep viewers in. “Instead of putting video inside of a web site,” says Broomfield, “you’re now able to put a web site inside of a video. So no matter where a video traffics, wherever it goes on the web, all your messaging flows with it.” And that messaging is working: customers using Veeple’s best-practices model are seeing an average click-through rate of 29.5 percent—a ridiculously high number, if you consider the average rate is 1 or 2 percent.

“What we’ve learned from our customers is that every video has an intention,” Broomfield says. “They’re not putting up a video randomly. They want people to view it; they want somebody to do something with it; they want to tell a story. And the viewer often wants to go deeper—they just don’t know how.”

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Marc September 10, 2010 at 11:16 pm

At 10:12, with regards to price tiers, Scott mentions a 30% discount for .edu & .org and then states “…and there’s a special thing we do for bloggers.” I was not able to find ‘that special thing’ they do on their website. Any ideas?

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