A powerful replicable mobilized database: CouchDB

August 19, 2010 | Robert Scoble

CouchDB is the document database from Couchio, and it’s been getting rave reviews for its easy peer-to-peer replication across multiple platforms, and its tiny size—less than nine MBs. Unlike a relational database, a document database doesn’t enforce a schema, so you can easily add new bits of information as your app evolves.

Already CouchDB has emerged as a great way to build task management apps, or anything else where sync is crucial. “The current app developer has to worry a lot about sync,” explains Nitin Borwankar, VP of Business Development at Couchio. “With CouchDB, they just write HTML and CSS apps, and they’re sync-enabled.”

CouchDB has the potential to open up many possibilities for aspiring app developers, says Couchio CEO and CouchDB creator Damien Katz. “There are a lot of apps out there that just don’t get built, because the difficulty of building them on a relational database is just too many man-hours,” explains Katz. “One of the strengths of CouchDB is handling unstructured, document-oriented tasks. If you try to do that in a relational database, you spend all your time developing the app, and very little of your time actually getting to use it.”

More info:

CouchDB web site: http://couchdb.apache.org/
Couchio web site: http://www.couch.io/
Couchio blog: http://blog.couch.io/
Damien Katz’s blog: http://damienkatz.net/
Couchio profile on CrunchBase: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/relaxed

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