Behind-the-scenes scoop on Siri’s funding and sale to Apple, Part I

August 10, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Every once in a while we see a technology that catches our eye as something that will change the world. Siri was one of those. Within weeks of its release it was purchased by Apple. I expect we’ll see a lot more of the team and technology behind Siri and are hearing that their technology will play key roles in future iPhones. What is Siri? It is an iPhone app that you talk to. It understands what you are saying and then its artificial intelligence engine goes to work to assist you. Ask it to reserve a table in your favorite restaurant and it will. Ask it to find movie times and it will. Ask it to get you a taxi and it will.

We’ve covered how it works in previous interviews, where I said that if you missed it you’d miss the future of the Web:

And here’s the video we did on Siri a few months ago:

But here we sit down with the key figures behind its development, funding, and sale to Apple in a fascinating, and rare, interview since so few investors want to talk to the press when Apple is involved. Hear from Norman D. Winarsky, Vice President of Ventures, Licensing and Strategic Programs at SRI, Gary J. Morgenthaler, General Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures, and Shawn T. Carolan, Managing Director at Menlo Ventures.

Stick around for the second part of the interview, which will come later this week.

Please note: SRI International is a nonprofit research institute, which became independent of Stanford University in 1970.

More info:
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Stefan Day August 12, 2010 at 4:43 pm

oh man – and there has got to be a way to be commenting on these videos without reloading the page which… restarts the video. ouch.

Stefan Day August 12, 2010 at 4:42 pm

This video is almost unwatchable with headphones because of fierce banging on the microphone.

Gotta be real careful around those mics if you’re recording live.

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