Truly Understand Your Customers’ Experience with NetBase

June 17, 2010 | Robert Scoble

We often do not think of consumer purchases as emotional experiences. So much of our lives is transactional though. It’s not uncommon for a buying experience to restore our faith in other people, or potentially ruin our day.

For a lot of companies, particularly ones that do business on a global level, finding out if consumers have had one of these experiences is a shot in the dark. Most people choose not to fill out surveys or talk to survey takers. It can be extremely frustrating for a company seeking to truly understand what using their product can be like for a variety of people.

NetBase, a company out of Silicon Valley, has used natural language processing technology to solve this very problem. According to their website, their technology “understands linguistics and reads sentences to surface insights in billions of sources in public and private online repositories”. So not only can it monitor when your brand or product is mentioned, it can recognize what context it is using as well as figure out the sentiment of what is being said.

Users of ConsumerBase not only discover what is being said about their products, but have also found new ways customers choose to use them. For bigger or more globally dispersed companies, this feedback proves invaluable to both marketing messages and new product design.

Hear more about NetBase from their CMO, Lisa Joy Rosner.

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Malcolm De Leo June 17, 2010 at 3:40 pm

As a long time use of Netbase’s “ability to understand” I am a true believer. In partnership with netbase which now stretches two companies, they have deliver tangible value that was achieved with low investment. Being able to understand using their technology can give the user a wide array of methods to identify new consumer insights, trends and solutions. This is no joke and consumerbase can really make a difference for companies and consultants who don’t have the resources or dollars to do any kind of market research. check it out for sure

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