Spigit: the platform for democratic & fair company decision makers

April 15, 2010 | Robert Scoble

In a fast-paced world, how can upper level management both keep up with the industry as well as understand how to best serve the customer?  It’s not uncommon for people to charge decision makers with being out of touch with what the company actually needs.

Senior managers often accept and welcome feedback from the trenches within the company.  While many software platforms allow companies to gather ideas from employees including the free and open source CMS Pligg, few of them actually do anything to prevent employees from gaming this system so that the popular but not so useful ideas get voted straight up to the top.

Spigit is a platform used by thousands of companies worldwide to solicit good ideas from the employees within the trenches.  How is it different from other platforms like it though?  According to the Spigit website, it “determines the value of an idea using both implicit and explicit factors. Spigit’s algorithms assign value to an idea based on the idea generator’s reputation, role within an organization, number of votes, and by the 360 degree feedback given by the community. All of these factors play a part in elevating the idea to the top of the list for implementation”.

If company crowdsourcing platforms are democracies, Spigit is a representative democracy able to weight certain people’s expertise and reputation to find the best solutions.  Learn more in this interview with Spigit CEO Paul Pluschkell.

Find more at:

Spigit’s website: http://spigit.com

Spigit’s Blog: http://blog.spigit.com/Blog/Aggregated

Spigit’s CrunchBase Profile: http://www.crunchbase.com/company/spigit

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