Lucid Imagination: the pioneers in managing big data

March 25, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Data.  It’s everywhere.  From the thousands of products available on the Zappos site to internal data a company the size of Dell collects, the privilege of sorting through terabytes of data used to be reserved for the likes of companies like Google.

Enter Lucene, an open source database search engine library written in Java that you probably haven’t heard of but have used before.  Companies from Nike, StubHub and Yelp all use it to power the search on their sites.  It is currently the 15th largest open source project in the world with over 10,000 downloads per day.

Lucid Imagination is the commercial entity of Lucene and helps enterprises utilize it for anything from site search to sorting through customer data.  They actually employ some key contributors to the Lucene project, as well as experts in enterprise search application development.

Learn more about how projects like Lucene are improving how we sort through and make use of big data from Lucid Imagination CEO and former software engineer Eric Gries. Find out why “search is the new user interface.”

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