Clicker: The TV Guide for Online Television

March 4, 2010 | Robert Scoble

The barriers to creating a TV show online are infinitely less than they are on traditional TV.  We have grown from a society with three channels to one with thousands in less than 50 years.  For someone hooking their computer to their TV screen or using their iPhone or iPad to watch TV online, it’s easy to spend more time searching for than actually watching online shows.

Instead of hopelessly trying to figure out when your favorite livestreams will show up on UStream or when CSI will finally come on Hulu, try checking out Clicker.  In the words of Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone, “We’re the first step for you when you watch TV online.”  Clicker is a catalog of all the niche TV programming online.  Simply search for a show or genre and Clicker will serve as your atlas to all the shows you care to watch.  It’s available independently and is also a programming guide for Boxee. TV, which serves up the shows you want to watch.

Like Netflix, Clicker allows you to set up a playlist for you to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon or moments when you want to kill some time by watching shows on your phone.  Stay tuned to Clicker’s plans to make these playlists sharable with your friends.

In this interview, Jim Lazone discusses how to best navigate all the TV shows coming on the world wide web.

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