Second Life launches new innovative browser

February 23, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Compared to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the virtual world Second Life has not received a lot of press in the past year.  The fanfare from the likes of CNN and others disappeared about four years ago.

In the past year, Second Life:

1.) grew a loyal fanbase.  Over 1 million people logged in within the past 30 days

2.) grew a landmass the size of Rhode Island

3.) Users spent 481 million hours in the virtual world last year, and

4.) Users have spent 60 percent more Linden Dollars each year every year since the virtual world’s inception.

What’s exciting about Second Life isn’t the platform itself–it’s what users are doing with it.  Second Life citizens don’t just have to see paintings.  They can enter and experience them.  Some users are more practical and use the space for conferences or classes.  The creators of Second Life, Linden Lab, decided early on to open the platform up to the users themselves.   Its potential is limited only by the creativity and skills of the community itself.

Rather than building hype, Linden Lab has been busy building something very exciting: a browser for its users.  This browser, called a “viewer”, will solve many of the ease of use issues Second Life had when it first emerged on the market.  According to Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon, “The whole strategy is to break down the walls to make Second Life much more accessible to users and make it possible for all this incredibly rich content to travel outward—to travel to the web and be shared.”

What is the potential of virtual worlds completely independent of geography or even physics, now more accessible to the masses than ever?  Find out more from Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon.

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