An Inside Look at’s Latest Beta Release, Chatter

February 17, 2010 | Robert Scoble

“Why do we know crucial things about our family and friends in real time as they happen but we don’t know what’s happening with our top customers, our top deals, our critical support cases, or even our own employees we sit next to everyday?”

This crucial question asked by Senior VP of Product Marketing Kraig Swensrud lead to the invention of Chatter.  Chatter borrows from the paradigm of modern social networking but adds vital components essential to completing tasks at work.

Our last video featured’s CEO Marc Benioff discussing how social networking can be used in the modern workplace.  In this video, Swensrud gives us an indepth look into the platform itself.  We will see exactly how Chatter interacts with  We’ll also see how it handles relationships between employees as well as customers and partners, and how unlike other social networks, it allows us to track specific documents as well as projects and their progress from start to finish.

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