Chatter:’s Solution to Social Collaboration at Work

February 16, 2010 | Robert Scoble

Facebook was originally built to determine if people were hot or not at Harvard.  Twitter was Jack Dorsey’s side project while at Odeo.  These are tools that people use for social networking, but they weren’t built for people to actually accomplish something at work. CEO Marc Benioff recognized a need for a social collaboration tool that focused not on building “friends” but for building and capitalizing on existing business relationships.  He also feels this tool should not reinvent paradigms and should more resemble the existing tools people use to network online.  “Facebook has created some really exciting new metaphors like the feed, the profile, and groups.  I think if we can apply them to business we can really accelerate collaboration,” said Benioff.  The result?  An interface that more closely resembles sites we use everyday, geared for work, that ties directly into the day-to-day operations performed on

Chatter has both a free edition and a paid version offering more flexibility to end users.  In this video, Marc Benioff explains how Chatter can change the way we socialize and accomplish goals at work.  Check out tomorrow’s video to see and hear more about Chatter’s innovative features.

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