2010 trends promise
more speed, integration

December 22, 2009 | Robert Scoble

Jeremiah Owyang and Ray Wang are two of the best analysts in the tech industry.

The two former Forrester Research Inc. analysts recently joined the Altimeter Group founded by  Charlene Li, who also was an analyst at Forrester before going out on her own this summer.

Jeremiah focuses on social media in his role as customer strategist while Ray’s expertise is in enterprise strategy and cloud computing at the social media strategy consulting group.

Between the two of them they see more companies than almost anyone else on earth so we asked them to share their observations in a building43 interview about what the new year promises for the technology industry.

The hallmark of almost everything they see coming is an accelerating real-time process and even more integration of information in new products and services.

That accelerating speed is a special challenge for business, says Ray.

“The pace of adoption is much slower than the pace of change,” he says,

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