Seesmic quickly adds features
using new Twitter APIs

November 12, 2009 | Robert Scoble

The development team refining the Seesmic Desktop and the Seesmic Web just shipped two new products using Twitter APIs: lists and geolocation.

The release keeps the team in what they consider an almost weekly competition to refine their product which aggregates software for Twitter and Facebook information streams.

A third Twitter API-based product — setting up a Retweet/sharing feature — is coming, along with an iPhone mobile application.

In the world where the social network aggregator operates, says co-founder and CEO Loic Le Meur, “The real-time Web is being built real time . . . everything needs to be done very fast.”

Johann Romefort, co-founder and CTO and Marco Kaiser, director of engineering, say the push for speed comes not just from new developments being introduced on social networking sites.

Users are adapting new tools to fit their needs and creating new concepts that in turn create opportunities for more products, they say.

Analysing what users are doing with new tools is one key to developing refinements for Seesmic.

Seesmic started life as a video-blogging Web site, but earlier this year broadened its mission to aggregate social media sites, with an emphasis on Twitter and Facebook.

Competitors identified by CrunchBase, a technology company profiling database, are TweetDeck,

Atebits, Echofon and PeopleBrowsr.

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