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September 29, 2009 | Robert Scoble

A lot of people use Twitter Search to find and watch real-time events, but Twitter Search isn’t very useful after an event is over, Kimbal Musk, founder and CEO of OneRiot, says in this video interview.

OneRiot offers what its developers think is a better real-time search engine.

Musk gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the software, saying that while Google offers what is considered the “right answer,” OneRiot offers “A real-time search . . . about the ‘right answer’ right now.”

OneRiot key word searches focus on Twitter and other open services such as YouTube in finding that “right answer right now,”  he says.

Other social networking services such as Facebook will be added as they “open up,” he says.

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Robert J Taylor October 2, 2009 at 10:12 am

Love the meaningful real-time & pulse search capabilities with OneRiot. Interesting point about the focus on Twitter versus Facebook for searching real-time conversations — Twitter’s stream is open, public (by default), but Facebook isn’t. Surely Facebook would respond that it wants to own real-time search of its own users’ activity but the problem is Facebook isn’t the whole web. I’d rather use a service that incorporated all publicly available activity on the web rather than just one (hugely popular) service. At one time AOL owned most of the popular activity within it’s borders but the openness of the Internet itself won out over the (hugely popular) closed system and the rest is history. In my opinion Facebook will lose the real-time race unless it opens up.

Of course, I’m no analyst, just a geek who’s watched this play out time and time again…

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