Yelp secrets from Phat Philly

September 3, 2009 | Robert Scoble

Since opening a little less than a year ago, Phat Philly Cheesesteaks in the Mission District in San Francisco, Calif., has gotten 275 mostly positive reviews on Yelp, which posts user-written critiques of restaurants, interntainment venues and other businesses in major U.S cities.

How did Phat Philly get so many good reviews when so many other businesses go unnoticed or worse? Owner Isaac Mogannam sits down with us and explains how he did it and the effects Yelp has had on his business.

One important piece of advice from Mogannam is don’t fear negative reviews. “I would take that fear you have of Yelp and embrace and use (Yelp) to your advantage,” he says.

Links to Businesses mentioned in this video include:

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Anonymous November 11, 2009 at 3:52 am

The negativity on yelp and the arrogance has been a recent turn off for me. It seems like the majority of the active reviewers are spiteful to many businesses. When the business is looked down upon the Yelp community attempts to act like the hand of God, calling for the business to be shut down and removed from the landscape. I have noticed this on many business pages. It seems that having the ability to ‘hide behind the curtain’ brings out much spite, for problems which pale compared to how they are written about. Hopefully the future business plan of yelp will include something that goes beyond simple comment of useful, funny or cool for reviews. I know that they are currently offering businesses to pay for improving Yelp services, but I wonder how much one is willing to pay when uncalled for slander can result at anytime by a Yelp member.
Obviously everyone is entitles to their opinion and this is important, but to actively slander business on a constant basis. That seems wrong to me.
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