Beyond CPM: Experiment a lot

July 31, 2009 | building43

Five very smart, very creative people talk about innovative ways to create lots of revenue and lots of profit. Sometimes they failed, but they always learned. Their advice: experiment a lot.

The panel members discussed “Beyond CPM, innovative models for generating revenues” on July 10, 2009, at a Revenue Bootcamp on the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, Calif.

Joyce Chung, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, moderated the panel whose members were Will Harvey, co-founder and chairman of IMVU; Scott Hintz, co-founder of Tripit; Alice Lankester, for vice president for marketing at Photobucket; Kerri Pollard, general manager for Commission Junction; and Jeremy Schoemaker, founder of ShoeMoney Media.

This video is one of a series of videos recorded during that conference organized by Guy Kawasaki, managing director, Garage Technology Ventures. More of those videos will appear on building43 in coming days.

The Rackspace Cloud was one sponsor for the event.

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