Contributor guidelines for building43

Before sitting down to write and share your wisdom, take a look at what we’ve already posted on building43.

We created building43 as a meeting place to exchange ideas on how to build web sites for businesses — particularly small businesses.

For more detail on who we are and what we’re building, take a look at the “About Us” page at the top of the homepage. There, we describe what we’re trying to accomplish and how people like you can help by writing for building43.

A key point to remember is that building43 isn’t about advertising a particular business or product. It is about discussing the pros and cons of the best — and sometimes the not-so-good tools. You already know this, but your credibility as a writer or videographer is increased tremendously when you come across as helpful, and not just pitching your own stuff. The audience — your customer — respects that distinction.

At building43, we’re looking for contributors who are willing to share their experience, describe how they see the future and let us know the best way to get there. Asking questions and offering answers is what we’re about. And, remember, mistakes can be as important as successes.

We don’t pay in dollars. The only compensation writers can expect is the satisfaction of contributing to others’ understanding of how to do things better. (OK, well, maybe you could talk us out of a T-shirt or a cool sticker.)

We can’t promise to post everything offered to us — please don’t take it personally.

And keep in mind that all building43 content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – Share Alike 3.0 License. (Read more on that here.)

There also will be times when we will ask a writer to tweak a contribution here and there, move a few things around — or maybe rewrite something to highlight a great idea that is buried a little deep.

Think clarity and brevity.

A piece approaching 800 words in length should have best-seller potential.

And think links. And graphics. And pictures. And audio. And videos.

Complex ideas often are more easily explained with an illustration or picture or video. Supporting links to fuller explanations can only help the audience and your credibility.

And, naturally, we’re looking for accuracy.

Oh, one other thing. We’ll also need full disclosure.

Writers must disclose any financial interest in a company or process being discussed as well as any financial relationship with Rackspace or its divisions. If you got a review copy of a product for free, our audience has a right to know. Err on the side of transparency.

That about covers it.

All ideas and comments are welcome. Email your great idea, link or blog post to contribute – at –

Please pitch in be part of building43. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

p.s.: If you know someone who should be a contributor, please shoot them a link to this page. Tell them we sent you!