About building43

The web is growing so incredibly fast — it’s so dynamic and has so many new applications. Keeping up with the web and figuring out what is new and interesting is difficult.

So, we designed building43 to bring together thought leaders in a variety of disciplines and organizations, from entrepreneurs to those responsible for the latest technologies. They will share knowledge, experiences and advice on how you can use these cool new tools and apps.

This site is sponsored by Rackspace.  But building43’s foundation and future is its community — people like you who contribute valuable content, through video, blog posts, podcasts, Friendfeed comments, Tweets or by simply dropping us an email to tell us about the latest or next great thing.

We would love to have partners, friends, even competitors join us.  The goal is simple – find and highlight the newest tools and trends on the Internet.  Interested?  Contact us.

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